Fixed price quoting

Unlocking the power of fixed price quoting

Opting for a fixed price approach can be a mutually beneficial endeavour, a true win-win. However, the suitability of this billing method typically hinges on the scope and intricacy of your project. It requires a careful examination to determine if the project can seamlessly progress through defined milestones, culminating in a successful and timely completion. The ability to adhere to an agreed schedule for draft submissions and approvals is an essential ingredient of this approach.

The art of crafting documentation, procedures and content is a dynamic journey that often involves a close and collaborative partnership between our skilled technical writers and your subject matter experts (SMEs). Together, we embark on a journey of research and drafting, meticulous review, refinement and editing of the final product.

The availability of SMEs is critical, as they play a pivotal role in sharing essential information, explaining business rules, reviewing documents and ensuring the project moves forward efficiently. If SMEs have only limited availability or are only available on an ad-hoc basis, this can pose significant challenges in delivering a fixed price solution.

For projects that will encounter interruptions along the delivery path, or which involve complex approval processes that extend turnaround times, a 'time and materials' billing strategy could prove more flexible and accommodating.

We're here and ready to engage in thoughtful discussions about the billing options that best align with your unique needs.

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