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Our process

At Discovery Media, our success is built on a proven development and delivery process that guarantees results. From planning to content creation, our approach ensures that your documentation not only works, but excels.

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    The old saying ‘Those who fail to plan, plan to fail’ still stands true today. Successful user-focused documentation is no accident. It requires meticulous planning and close collaboration with your subject matter experts to produce optimal results.

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    Clarity and simplicity is key to producing effective documentation, no matter how complex the subject matter. Our writers aim for precise communication and instructions that your users can readily understand and implement.

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    The final quality assurance process we apply across all the documentation we produce is second to none. Our founding editor brings over 20 years of experience in editing complex documentation to ensure your documents are professional in appearance and readability.

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Quick summary of major projects

Industry Type No. of Engagements
Federal Agencies 5
Federal Government Departments 5
Finance & ERP 5
Telecommunications 5
Infrastructure 4
Regulatory 4
Health 3
Managing documentation for public private projects 3

Promote professional communication with a style guide

Corporate writing without a style guide is a lawless world. A style guide is an invaluable tool for ensuring consistency across all the written materials your organisation produces. Although the content may vary according to your particular needs and specifications, in general, a style guide provides clear direction about punctuation, capitalisation, how to use particular terms, grammar, and more. An in-house style guide may include instructions about corporate visual presentation, logo rules and preferred corporate expressions. A style guide saves time and enables reviewers to focus on content rather than style issues. By implementing a style guide, your organisation can elevate professionalism and brand consistency, ultimately fostering clearer and more consistent communication.

Essential skills for technical writers

Technical writers can document diverse business topics, for example, finance, telco, health, ICT, aviation and education.

Core skills are rapid comprehension of new subject areas and document types; project management; the ability to organise and conduct Subject Matter Expert (SME) interviews; clear written expression; and being able to successfully integrate into and contribute to a team.

Key competencies include business writing, understanding and using corporate style guides, templates and commercial software, and deploying accessibility guidelines.

Soft skills include effective SME identification and engagement, even when faced with potential head winds.

The Secret Sauce for technical writers includes curiosity and the ability to efficiently extract critical information from stakeholders in order to understand the topic and produce quality documentation.

Why you need onboarding documentation

It goes without saying that the onboarding experience is vital for new employees to get up to speed with their new workplace. This includes how to setup their work laptop so that it functions with both their home and work wifi and printers. If you plan to brief staff to write or contribute to an onboarding script, be sure to give it real thought, and test it thoroughly. If you are commissioning a writer or team to produce an onboarding script, make sure that your HR people are ‘in the loop’ so that it can become a mandatory part of welcoming new employees.

Coaching writers – a flyover

In today's corporate landscape, delivering legal and instructional information is essential. Traditional content tends to be dull, so it's crucial to focus on improving engagement. Lengthy, boring material often remains unread by the intended audience, so it is vital for writers to connect with their audience. Strategies to boost engagement include using an active voice and making sure the content is concise and clear; understanding the audience's interests and needs is also key.

Don't merely check boxes– actually review all written content to ensure it serves a purpose. Neglecting reader engagement will result in increased reliance on help desks. Providing context and reasons for reading is key. Consider questions such as ‘Will readers understand the content?’ and ‘Will they find it useful’? Follow a positive outcome approach to lead the audience effectively. This optimises time, effort and resources for better outcomes.

Meet Discovery Media’s founding partners

Our consultancy combines decades of experience in technical writing. Learn about our passion for clarity, innovation and excellence in every project.

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Martin Shub

Martin is a consultant technical writer, content analyst, publisher and documentation manager. He has decades of technical writing experience across industry and government and loves a documentation challenge. Martin constantly explores new technologies and methodologies to improve output and keep his clients ahead of the game.

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Helen Bongiorno

Helen is a consultant editor who specialises in bringing the standard of your documentation to the very highest level. Her eagle eye and fastidious approach to language, syntax and grammar will ensure that you can confidently say ‘The job is done’.

End-to-end technical writing solutions

Experience the power of comprehensive technical writing solutions. From inception to completion, we offer end-to-end services, covering everything from initial strategy to final execution.

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Projects almost always underestimate the time it takes to complete business and IT documentation because of a misunderstanding about the work that is involved. With our experience we can provide realistic projections of time elapsed and time spent to provide the deliverables.

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Compliance documentation, web content, user guides, SOPs, BCPs, onboarding scripts, project documentation, SaaS documentation (AWS & Azure), work instructions, procedures, policy documents and RACI matricies.

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Technical writing is a skill that can be taught. Bespoke training will help your team write better documents.